More power when drilling with Xtra·tec® tools

Walter provides its customers with yet another boost in productivity through the introduction of the two new drills from the Xtra-tec® series. The Xtra-tec® Insert drill with two four-edged indexable inserts is ideal for full or spot drilling on inclined or spherical surfaces. The Xtra-tec® Point drill is particularly convincing when producing short drill holes or through holes with additional chamfer.

Walter B4212, B4213, B4214, B4215

  • Increase in productivity from the higher work values
  • Low hole tolerance thanks to the optimum balance of forces
  • Excellent surface finish from the WIPER action at the hole diameter
  • Cost reductions: – 4 cutting edges per insert – higher cutting parameters – saving additional follow-up operations
  • High process reliability from positive
  • locking of the insert

Walter B4012C

  • No reworking necessary - high surface finish thanks to new precision geometry - low hole tolerances (H8) and accurate cylindrical holes due to self-centering and margins
  • Can also be used in lower power machines - low power requirement is ensured through high positive geometry (similar to solid carbide)
  • High process reliability - positive locking of the insert during operation - optimum fixation of the insert even during retraction
  • Excellent surface finish from the WIPER action at the hole diameter
  • Flexibility is ensured, as all intermediate diameters are available
  • No regrinding expenditure - always the same overall length - no logistical headaches for regrinding