Walter Titex solid carbide tools for drilling

The new solid carbide drill Walter Titex X┬Ětreme PLUS is an innovative masterpiece and it sets new standards. This high-tech tool has a unique multifunctional double coating for extremely high cutting speeds. This enables huge increases in drilling productivity - with the best surface finishes.

X-treme Walter Titex Xtreme

  • Maximum productivity; at least double that achievable using conventional tools = more productivity, lower production costs
  • ALTERNATIVE: double the tool life with conventional cutting data = e.g. fewer tool changes
  • High process reliability
  • Excellent surface quality
  • Varied application possibilities with regard to materials and application (e.g. MQL).
  • Ensures free machine capacity

XD Walter Titex XD Bohrer

  • XD technology for small diameters; up to 600% higher productivity compared to the current state of technology, e.g. gun drills
  • More productivity; lower production costs
  • High process reliability without pecking
  • Versatile applications regarding the material to be machined