Walter Reamers

Tools with "built-in know-how" reduce costs. This also applies to our powerful reamers, which quickly pay for themselves in daily use in the production department.

Standard reamer with parallel shank

  • Standard reamers with parallel shank and guide pads (solid carbide + cermet) for all common dimensions in H6 tolerance, for through-hole and blind-hole boring with a defined selection of cutting plate geometries for all common workpiece materials.

Special solutions

Specially manufactured reaming tools with indexable inserts and guide pads are possible for a wide variety of machining processes, such as boring of camshaft and crankshaft bearings up to valve guide machining. Depending on requirements the cutting tool material, geometries, pad materials, different step profiles and tool holders, such as compensating adapters, can be integrated into the tool concept to fulfil maximum roundness, cylindricity and quality requirements.

Reamers with step profiles

  • Stepped reamers enable a high degree of accuracy with concentricity requirements in the tolerance range IT 5 - IT7

Reamer with compensating adapter

  • In the event of critical tool projections or machine-related inaccuracies a tool must be equipped with a compensation adapter, as illustrated on the left, which is set radially and axially on the machine. Doing this will ensure an optimal production process.