ISO cast iron turning - The wonder cutting tool material

WAK 10new is the new wonder cutting tool material from Walter for turning grey and nodular cast iron, as well as for hard machining of steel materials. This new indexable insert in a Tiger·tec® execution ensures the highest tool life, while simultaneously guaranteeing maximum process reliability. This has enabled our engineers to set a new benchmark in terms of productivity.

WAK10 New - the wonder cutting tool materia

  • Maximum tool life thanks to the new, high-heat resistant substrate
  • Maximum process reliability due to increased cutting edge stability
  • Maximum cutting speed due to 100% more aluminium oxide in the coating
  • The benchmark cutting tool material for cast iron machining

WAK family - the complete product range

  • NMA – the Safe one
    - optimum for medium machining and roughing
    - "classic" cast plate without chip breaker groove
  • T02020 – the Protected one
    - 20° protection chamfer at the cutting edge
    - maximum process reliability in cast iron machining
  • NM 5 – the Solid one
    - low cutting forces due to positive chip breaker groove
    - also perfect for inner machining of cast iron components NM – the Quick one
    - best surface finish
    - halves the cycle time thanks to the "Wiper effect"