ISO steel turning - The complete product range

The Tiger·tec® STeel range offers five different cutting material grades in 1,125 indexable insert variants, leaving no material unaccounted for when it comes to machining steel. Whether you want a rough or fine finish, or to cut low- or high-alloy steels, Tiger·tec® Steel is a complete turning range for any application

WPP 01/05 - the innovative cutting tool material

  • Lowest machining times thanks to the new high-performance cutting tool materials WPP 01 and WPP 05
  • Maximum wear resistance in conjunction with optimal toughness due to the multilayer Tiger·tec® STEEL coating composition
  • Maximum productivity due to ideally suited geometries and cutting materials

WAK family - the complete product range

  • WPP 01: the ideal cutting material for finishing
  • WPP 05: the cutting material for roughing to semi-finishing
  • WPP 10 for maximum productivity with good machining conditions
  • WPP 20 the universal cutting material covers the majority of all applications
  • WPP 30 problem solver for the most difficult of machining conditions and heavily interrupted cuts
  • Complete range for machining steel with 1,125 indexable inserts