WSM 30 - Extremely tough for extreme tasks

Materials from the ISO groups S (difficult cutting properties) and M (stainless) require the cutting tool material to be extremely tough on the one hand and able to withstand high temperature loads on the other. The Walter WSM 30 PVD Al2O3 indexable inserts with their sharp cutting edges and high wear resistance are the first choice for machining materials, such as high temperature alloys and titanium.

WSM 30 - The best choice

  • Process reliability never before achieved due to an enormously tough substrate in combination with the Tiger·tec® PVD aluminium oxide coating
  • Maximum hot hardness due to the temperature resistant Al2O3 coating, and thus maximum wear resistance
  • Sharp cutting edges – thanks to the PVD coating – ensure burr-free components and reduced built-up edge formation
  • Outstanding wear detection thanks to the Tiger·tec® indicator coating